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Founded in 1996, Dabaco overcomes difficulties and challenges to change from an small state-owned enterprise to a multi-billion and multi-economic factor group who has very  powerfull  human resources, finance, good reputation and strong trademark in market.

Development period of DABACO.  

* Period 1996 – 1997:  

- In 1996: founded with name Ha Bac Agricultural Products Company which was changed from Habac worm and silk Company according to Decision No.: 27/UB dated 29/3/1996 of chairman of  Ha Bac Provincial People’s Committee.

- In 1997, Changed as Bac Ninh Agricultural Products Company (Due to Ha Bac Province was splitted to Bac Ninh and Bac Giang Province)

- Built Dai Bac Feedmill (the first feedmill) with capacity of 5 tons/h in Vo Cuong Ward – Bac Ninh town and Lacve Chicken breeding in Tien Du - Bac Ninh. 

* In 1998:  

Founded Company’s branch in Ha Noi to extend market and opened Lac Ve oil and gas station in Lac Ve, Tien Du, Bac Ninh.

* In 2000:  

Thuan Thanh Poultry and cattle Enterprise was merged into the company. New scope of business was opened.  

* In 2002:

- Opened TOPFEED feed mill with capacity of 30 t/h.

- Invested to improve Lac Ve Grand-parent super-egg Enterprises in Lac Ve, Tien Du, Bac Ninh. 

* In 2003: 

- Built Thuan Thanh super-lean Pig Enterprise.

- Founded Investment and Building facility Enterprise in Khac Niem IZ, Tien Du, Bac Ninh.

* In 2004:

- Built head office at No 35, Ly Thai To street, Bắc Ninh city.

- Founded Frence duck breeding Enterprise in Lac Ve, Tien du, Bac Ninh.

* In 2005:

- Since 01/01/2005, Company acted as joint-stock model under Dicision No.: 1316 QĐ/CT dated 10/08/2004 of Chairman of Bac Ninh provincial people ‘s committee.

- Completed Concentrated-feed production line in Khac Niem, Bac Ninh city.

- Regular capital: VND 70 billion.

* In 2006:

- Inauguarated Kinh Bac Aqua Feed mill with capacity of 4tons/h.

- Founded Contracted farm Investment and development company ltd., and Lac Ve pig breeding enterprise

* In 2007:

- Founded Bac Ninh Trading Company, Dabaco Tan Chi Port Co. Ltd., and Dabaco Tay Bac one member Co. ltd.,

- Regular capital: VND 94,5 billion.

* In 2008:

- 18/3/2008, Dabaco stock was officially exchanged on Ha Noi Stock Exchange .

- 29/4/2008, Shareholders meeting had approved to change “Bac Ninh Agricultural Products Jointstock Company”  to “Dabaco Viet Nam Corporation”.

- Founded Dabaco Pig Breeding Co. Ltd., Dabaco Pig farming Investment and development Co. ltd., and Dabaco Foofstuft processing Co. Ltd.,

- Regular capital: VND 177 billion.

* In 2009:

- Inaugurated Dabaco Feed Mill with capacity of 25tons/h located at Khac Niem Industrial Zone, Bac Ninh city, inaugurated Dabaco Supermarket at Lac Ve, Tien Du, Bac Ninh.

- Merged Hiep Quang joint-stock company into one member company held by Dabaco specializing at package producing.

- Regular capital: VND 254,466 Billion.

* In 2010:

- Inaugurated chicken slaughtering plant with capacity of 2.000birds/h at Lac Ve, Tien Du, Bac Ninh.

- Founded Dabaco Land Co. Ltd.,  Dabaco Facility building and developing Co. Ltd., Dabaco Nuclear Pig breeding Co. Ltd., and Trading centre at Ly Thai to street, Bac Ninh city.

- Inaugurated A Feed mill with capacity of 20tons/h at Dai Dong Industrial Zone, Hoan Son, Tien Du, Bac Ninh.

- Reorganized some members and branch from depending on company to one member company limited held by Dabaco Group. Merged French Duck breeding Co. ltd., into Contracted farm Investment and development company limited.

* In 2011:

- from 26/3/2011, changed as  DABACO Group.  

- Founded Dabaco Hi-tech Agriculture Company limited and some BT Project Enterprises.  

- Regular capital: VND 436,111 billion.  

* In  2012:  

- Inaugurated DABACO trading Centre at Nguyen Cao street;

- Founded Centre of study and development poultry and cattle breeding belonging to Dabaco chicken breeding one member company limited.

- Regular capital: VND 484,099 billion. 

* In  2013: 

- Regular capital: VND 627,419 billion

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