DABACO GROUP The heroic labor firm in innovation period – is multi field group of which specializes mainly on animal feed, castle and poultry breeding and food processing. In addition to, Dabaco also invests in building industrial zone, urban zone facility and infrastructure and real estate. Dabaco is proud of being first name in animal feed in Viet Nam and being one of ten biggest enterprises   specialised in animal feed nationwide. 

          Formerly Founded from state-owned enterprises in 1996 an IPO in 2005. since then Dabaco gains outstanding achievements in develop chain value from breeding to animal feed, contracted farming and meat processing as following chart:

          Animal feed: 

          DABACO has 6 feed mills with total capacity of 85 tons/h equipped with synchronous and automatic machine that was imported from countries with developed animal feed industry like USA, France, EU … three of  those feed  mill are aqua feed mill, feed for piglet mill, concentrate feed mill. Dabaco feed is distributed nationwide. DABACO’s quality management system strictly follows up the standard like  ISO 9001-2008, ISO 22000:2005. Dabaco’s Products gain many golden quality awards in Viet Nam and International organization. Dabaco’s lab is equipped with state of the art machine and meets the national standard VILAS 242. To date, Dabaco has 6 animal feed trademarks as: Dabaco, Topfeeds, Kinh Bac, Khangti Vina, Nasaco and Growfeeds.

          Poultry and castle breeding:

          - Pig breeding: DABACO has farm of GGP, GP pig of Duroc, Pitrain, Landrace, and Yorkshire which was imported from Canada, Denmark, Spain, USA… Dabaco also produce nuclear breeding, parent pig, commercial pig, Siemens which is supplied to contracted farms and market.

          - Chicken Breeding: Chicken farms of Dabaco have modern scale and technique at the first rank of Viet Nam. Hubbard breeder is imported from France. Some of chicken breeder of Dabaco likes J-Dabaco; Son Tinh (cock with 9 heels) was studied to cross and gained patent get high economic value.

          Contracted farms:

          DABACO has pig and chicken contracted farm system with modern and automatic equipment which is safe to environment.  Chicken meat, pig meat meet animal hygiene standards and food hygiene and safety standard stipulated in the law and HACCP.

          Contracted farms can provide meat to market and ensure fully material for Food processing factory of the group. 

          Foodstuff :

          1) Fresh food: DABACO has one slaughtering line imported completely from Denmark with capacity  birds/h to provide fresh chicken meat to market.

          2) Food processing: DABACO has one state of the art food processing line imported completely from EU which produces: sausage, jumpon, can, pie ... meet the food hygiene and safety standard.

          Investment and real estate:

          DABACO is the investor of Que Vo IZ No. III with total area of 600ha in Que Vo district, Bac Ninh province..

          DABACO invests in urban zone facility, modern and big scale complex area as: Den Do Urban Zone, Huong Mac Industrial block,   Dabaco Van An Urban zone, Dinh Bang, Phu Khe.

          These fields not only support the development of the group but also contribute to the economic and social of Bac Ninh province which is oriented to industrialization and mordernization.

          Activities promote production – farming – selling:

          - To promote animal feed production: Dabaco builds one PP, PE package production factory in Bac Ninh and one primary processing grains factory in Hoa Binh.

          - To promote poultry and castle farming: Dabaco establishes one centre for studying and developing poultry and castle breeding and one centre for animal diagnosis to study, multiply new breeding with high yield and quality and no disease. Diagnosis centre also makes the sample research to apply to farm system of the group then transfer the result of the research to farmer; take sample to diagnose to release treatment regimen which can help farms to control the disease on castle and poultry.

          - To promote food selling:  DABACO build and develop commercial centre, supermarket, restaurant and mini-shop.


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