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Although Viet Nam’s local brown chicken’s breeds have superior meat quality, it shows poor productivity and slow growth speed. DABACO Group has successfully innovated these weaknesses after only a decade.


Dabaco is at 1st  rank on market share of Viet Nam’s local brown chicken
  with volumn of 50 million breeding chicken/year.

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is home to brown chicken with various high-quality and precious genes. Several chicken breeds of the country such as Ho, Mia, Nuoi, ... are domestic ones with premium meat quality, good survival capabilities, high adaptability to rough weather, attraction to consumers ’eyes in appearance. However, due to long period of wars and epidemics, the number of domestic chicken breeds has decreased, leading to the degeneration of gene and the risk of extinction.

A decade ago, DABACO Chicken Breeding Company Limited (DABACO Group Vietnam) pioneered in selecting, restoring and purifying several domestic chicken breeds such as Ho, Can Son and Tay. Today, the breeds’ quality and quantity have been significantly improved, especially meat quality, weight and egg production.

More specifically, while egg production of Mia chicken raised by local farmers is now 80-90 units/layer/year on average, DABACO's purebred Mia Chicken reached 140-150 eggs / layer / year. Similarly, DABACO's domestic Ho chicken got 130-140 eggs / layer / year, much higher than domestic Ho chicken with only 60-70 eggs / layer / year. “The company’s target will increase the number of Mia and Ho chicken breeds by 20-30% in the near future” shared by leaders of DABACO Chicken Breeding Company Limited..

Thanks to advanced selection method and expirenced employee, advance in Genentics 
selection (▲G) at Dabaco breeders (picture).

   In order to obtain this outstanding achievement, leaders of DABACO Chicken Breeding Company Limited shared: the company’s model of research and production was being processed and applied according to Pyramids Diagram, including: Genetics Bank and GGP, GP, Parents chicken; commercial chicken provided for farmers.

    At present, DABACO owns one research center, a center for GGP chicken at Yen The (Bac Giang), 3 centers for grandparents and parents chicken. All research centers have a modern, closed circle, fully automated from light, temperature system, and food using the most advanced AI technology in the world today.

One of the modern study centres of Dabaco in Bac Ninh

   A decade ago, DABACO Chicken Breeding Company Limited (DABACO Group Vietnam) pioneered in selecting, restoring and purifying several domestic chicken breeds such as Ho, Mia Son Tay and Noi. Today, the breeds’ quality and quantity have been significantly improved, especially meat quality, weight and egg production.

   “DABACO has applied the most advanced method In the world in genetics selection, crossbred as   BLUP method for valuing each breeder to avoid omitting outstanding breeder” said Prof. PhD..Dang Vu Binh.


   In addition, DABACO has also applied advanced software to collect, track and process data in accurately to serve the selection work such as breeding management software, software and collection equipment, data collection, PEST / VCE to estimate the value of seed, genetic parameters, SAS for statistical processing, thereby, applying selective breeding methods (EBV) and some traits according to selected numbers.

  “All DABACO breeders are controlled by pedigree which can easily track each breeder’s origins. Each breeder is raised in cage within close house and tagged with barcode. Breeders are crossbred by artificial insemination to ensure max unique and uniformity that can be gained only DABACO in Viet Nam” said Prof. PhD. Dang Vu Binh.

Dabaco is the pioneerer that applies AI, BLUP, Molecular
genetics in study, crossbred, selection brown chicken..

    Moreover, Associate Prof. PhD. Pham Ngoc Thach – former Head of Livestock – Animal health Department - Ha Noi University of Agriculture shared “With the quick development of raising brown chicken on an industrial scale today, requirements for bio-security and disease prevention need to be put in a high priority.”

   After having met and consulted many enterprises, farmers, Associate Prof. PhD. Pham Ngoc Thach shared that DABACO was the first enterprise producing brown chicken in the strictest way. DABACO has made scientific and technological advances on production by perfect vaccination programme to prevent common diseases: Leucosis, Marek, newcastle, MG-MS…. Therefore, the company’s brown chicken breeds are valued as the top ones free from diseases and rank the best chicken breed in market now. 

Dabaco’s brown chicken are well tested and vaccinated for
Leucosis, Marek, Newcastle, MG-MS … before selling.

   According to the leaders of DABACO Chicken Breeding Company Limited, after 10 years of research, breeding and discussing with international cooperations, the company has improved successfully developed new kinds of chicken breeds with innovated traits such as: High egg production on Mia & Ho chicken, strong growth ability in Mia, Ho &Noi chicken.

   Mr. Phan Nhat Quang, Director of Xuan Tien Livestock Enterprise (Lao Cai) shared: DABACO chicken-for-meat breeds as: J-Dabaco, Noi Yellow Leg, Noi Black and purple, Tan Ho, Mia purebred Ho purebred need days of raising 15-20 less than similar breeder in the market. Also, its appearance is good looking with nice feather color and its taste is much more delicious.


   Typically, the raising time of DABACO’s Mia chicken breed at Xuan Tien takes only 105-120 days. The male can reach 2,2 - 2,5kg/bird and the female can get 1,6 - 1,9kg, which is much more profitable for farmers.

Dabaco gain twice of egg productivity and less 15-20 days
time of raising compares to similar breeder in Viet Nam.

    With the desire to bring farmers better products of domestic brown chicken breeds, leaders of DABACO Chicken Breeding Company Limited shared: the company will constantly research, select and innovate the most productive breeds to supply to farmers and market with best purebred chicken and best breeded chicken. This is also a clear evidence that local purebred chicken breeders of Viet Nam can be on par with all breeders on the world.

   Beside achievements of genetic genetics, molecular genetics is also being applied for better and quicker selection. DABACO is currently cooperating with the Department of Genetics-Vietnam Agriculture Institute to conduct genetic analysis of the black Noi chicken breeds through decrypting genetics structure to find out gene-frequency and genotype. Specifically, the company has found out 2 genotypes, CC and CD. DABACO is taking big steps in the growth of these two genotypes to find the gene that affects the rapid growth of the breed.

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